On the day information

For all the on the day information, please refer to the Herts 10K e-booklet.

Race results will be available HERE on the day and the link will also be posted to the Herts 10K social media.

Important Information for Runners

The race will start at 10:00am prompt. Please arrive in good time and follow the instructions of the marshals on the day.

Race Packs

Race packs will be sent out in the post from September onwards to those who sign up before the cut off day (to be announced).

Participants who sign up before the specified date will receive their race number and timing chip in the post in time for the event. Anyone who signs up after this will need to collect their pack on the day of the event in the main marquee between 8.30-9.30am.

If for any reason you sign up and your pack doesn’t arrive prior to the event, please see the team in the marquee on event day who can allocate you a new bib number and t-shirt.

Junior Division

2019 will see the return of the Junior Division for age 12 – 16 years (participant must be at the required age at the time of the event). The 1st, 2nd and 3rd junior runners will identified by the chip in the bib as they cross the line. Winners will not be announced immediately so please listen out for the winners announcement.


Please remember there is NO parking at Rothamsted Research. Please do not park on the grass verges around Harpenden Common.

  • Harpenden train station has kindly agreed to runners parking in the east car park free of charge. Please download and print a copy of the parking permit to leave on the dashboard for identification.
  • Harpenden town centre. Please allow at least 15 minutes walking time to get to the START/FINISH line from Harpenden town centre.
  • Sun Lane car park is free on a Sunday. Turn right at the roundabout as you head out of the town towards Luton – this holds around 75 cars.
  • Amenbury Lane – Parking is available on the road which the leisure centre is situated on.

Timing Chips

The timing chip for 2019 will be in the bib number. Your running number/chip is inside your pack envelope. Please make sure you have it with you.

Help will also be given on the day.

Race Pens

To ensure the race starts on time please be in your race pen by 9.50am. Please make sure you go into the race pen suitable for your expected time not your desired time! You will be timed from the moment you cross the start line to the moment you cross the finish line so your individual race times are not affected by the pen you start in.

Race Numbers

Please remember to fill in the important contact information on the reverse of your race number and pin to the front of your HERTS 10K t-shirt.


There will be marshals along the route to guide you round the course as well as route markers. Please note the km markers are indicative of distance, the route however is 10km. Many thanks to Harpenden Arrows who have marked the route for us.


Sussex Sport PhotographyThe Rennie Grove team will be taking photos on the day, and Sussex Sport Photography will be taking photos of runners as they cross the finish line. To view the 2019 photo gallery which will be available soon after race day click here.


During the race there will be two water points. At the finish you will be provided with a bottle of water. Please remember to drink plenty of water particularly if it is warm on the day.


Friends and family are encouraged to come along and support your run and there will be refreshments available to purchase close to the start/finish line.

Warm Up

There will not be an official warm up for 2019, so please carry out your own warm up before entering the pens.

About Rothamsted Research

The Herts 10K starts and ends on the grounds of Rothamsted Research. For over 170 years, Rothamsted has been delivering knowledge and innovation to advance agricultural science in the UK and around the world.

The land, along with Rothamsted Manor House, was owned by Sir John Bennet Lawes, who began the work of Rothamsted in 1843, along with his colleague Sir Henry Gilbert.

Rothamsted Research has made significant contributions to the disciplines of soil science, crop nutrition, statistics, ecology and the protection of crops against pests and diseases. In fact, a recent report estimated that the efficiencies in farming thanks to the work of Rothamsted make food prices in the UK by around 5 percent cheaper than they would otherwise be, which saves consumers over £3 billion per year.


Today, Rothamsted Research is a world-class centre of agricultural research. It aims to deliver practices that improve crop production and to develop sustainable solutions for producing food and energy.

Race Physio

On the day the team of physiotherapists from Alpine Physio will be on hand to provide pre and post race support.

Post Race Advice from Alpine Physio
Active recovery is a good way of returning the body back to normal after vigorous exercise. For runners, jogging, walking or swimming followed by stretching of your leg muscles is very beneficial.
Stretching after exercise may reduce muscle soreness the next day, but there is little evidence to support this. However, stretching does improve and maintain flexibility which can help prevent injury.
Rehydrate as large amounts of fluid can be lost during racing, especially during hot and humid conditions.

Ensure sure you drink enough water to replace the fluids you’ve lost whilst running is another important part of recovery.
Food helps you recover after intense exercise by refuelling your energy stores and providing the necessary protein needed to repair and rebuild muscle tissue. After exercise, your muscles can refuel energy stores twice as fast as normal so try to eat some carbohydrate-rich foods soon after.
Many people experience muscle soreness 24-48 hours after exercise.

For more information about race recovery click here Post race info

Many thanks for all your support and we look forward to seeing you on race day.